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Let’s go! We played Digital Causes' Jeopardy at MozFest 2022

14.04.2022 | Author: Soledad Magnone

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Mozfest is the Mozilla Foundation’s hallmark event. Since 2011 this international festival brings together teachers, activists, artists and specialists with an interest in open technologies and a healthy internet. Since 2021 MozFest has been developed exclusively virtually. From Causas Digitales (Digital Causes) and JAAKLAC we joined this celebration after the great experience we had last year. On March 7th we organized the session “How much do you know about digital causes? Jeopardy for youth and futures” (¿Cuánto sabes de causas digitales? Jeopardy de juventudes y futuros). The activity was designed and facilitated by Azeneth Garcia, Viviana Forero, David Aragort and Soledad Magnone. The session was dedicated to internet censorship, digital breaches, digital security, youth activism and… MozFest. We designed it as a “social moment” inviting people with different levels of experience in these topics, especially the younger generations, to listen and talk in a kind and fun space.

How and why we created our session

During the fortnightly meetings of Causas Digitales we advanced in the design of the proposal and activity. Based on our experience in MozFest 2021, we first listed different proposals from the group, such as workshops, panels and games. Then we moved on to voting, where the Jeopardy game won in popularity. This same idea had come up for our Digital Causes workshops at the Centro de Cultura Digital de Mexico in 2021. However, at the time due to lack of time and given the number of workshops we held, we were not able to push it forward.

To set up the Jeopardy we identified categories and developed questions based on different topics that interested the group. We gave them coherence by giving answer options, assigned values according to their difficulty and included them in a presentation adapting the Jeopardy template from Slides Carival. We then defined how to dynamize the game following the MozFest participation policy for the Youth and Futures space. We determined that each participant would select a team, based on their preference of hot or cold weather, and try to keep both teams even in number of members. Members of each team would take turns answering one question at a time from the category of their choice. We set up a spreadsheet to take notes on the score and identify the questions already answered. Finally, we selected music from the Free Music Archive to build anticipation as the teams answered the questions and to celebrate the event.

(っ◔◡◔)っ Download here the presentation used in the MozFest session here. Note: we made minor adjustments to some text and corrected questions from the original presentation.

To play Causas Digitales Jeopardy we recommend:

  • Game adaptation: feel free to adjust or remix the game’s dynamic and presentation. You can edit, delete and add topics, number of categories, questions and answers. All resources from JAAKLAC and Causas Digitales are covered by a Creative Commons License; Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0.

  • Participation: the most comfortable scenario for organizing the game is with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 people. This will allow everyone to answer at least 2 questions each (there are 50 questions in total) and to more easily moderate the conversations that arise in the group. Consider having at least 2 people who will be in charge of the game and keep track of the questions used and the scores. If you have more people running the game, the number of participants can increase. What if there are 3 participants or less? Then participants can play individually. In the case of MozFest, those who facilitated joined different teams and played to guess the categories that each had not created. This format is highly recommended because everyone, both participants and facilitators, can play. In this case keep the correct answers out of the presentation.

  • Questions: some questions are ambiguous or you may not agree with the answer we mark as correct. For example, the $1000 question in category 2 is ideal for participants to discuss their opinions and understand different points of view. In these cases a vote can be taken to determine the correct answer. To increase the level of difficulty of the Digital Causes Jeopardy, you can remove the answer choices or establish a new rule, for example, so that participants can ask for the choices in exchange for reducing the value of the question. Finally, it is vitally important that the questions pertain directly to the younger generations. Their possibilities are particularly affected by the digital ecosystem, yet their experiences and interests have been consistently ignored. In this sense, our Jeopardy is an opportunity to cultivate digital education, intergenerational exchange and collective reflection.

  • Duration: our MozFest session lasted 60 minutes with few people participating and 20 questions. You can adjust the duration depending on the number of participants and questions. We recommend giving more time than we used in MozFest to discuss and learn about the opinions and experiences from participants in relation to the topics. The important thing is to generate a fun learning space in a playful way. In case your session is longer than 90 minutes, we suggest you take a break to stretch, fill you mate thermos, drink water, get a tinto, some tamales, tacos or arepas. At the end of the game, remember to always give a few minutes for those who participated to add ideas and recommendations to improve the game.

Share your Jeopardy and tune in to MozFest ٩(˘◡˘)۶ 🎶

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Write to us at causasdigitaleslac [at] jaaklac [dot] org if you want us to support you in organizing the game.

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