JAAKLAC 2024 Intentions: We need your support!

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We research and advocate for a Critical Digital Education and Youth Participation, especially leveraging the knowledge from Latin America and the World Majority, so-called Global South.

In 2024, we set ourselves Intentions contributing to issues that are close to our hearts. These are iterated with the JAAKLAC Community to create new compasses. Projects have remained mainly volunteer-based, thus this year we are particularly looking for financial support to strengthen, grow and sustain our organisational capacity.

Starting in 2020, the initiative has been coordinated with youth, educators and civil society organisations. Projects have been supported by Red ConCausa, LACNIC, Derechos Digitales, Tactical Tech, Mozilla and RightsCon. These efforts have showcased pathways to investigate, learn and participate to build fairer digital societies.

We need your support in coordinating the initiative in general, specific intentions or for community-led projects. We share some information and updates on the intentions we want to Keep, Change and Try:.


  • Critical Digital Education for all: bridging gaps between digital rights, educators and youth with collaborative campaigns to generate conversation around the right to a quality education in the digital age.

Social session at FAccT Rio in collaboration with 3 schools, CSO and academics from Brazil: UNICEF Núcleo de Ciudadanía Adolescente (NUCA) and Jovens Baianos. Showcasing Latin American results at RightsCon 2025 (Taiwan) and convening 4 new partners from education, advocacy and academia.

  • Lingua Café: experimenting with spaces for language inclusion and digital rights while promoting intercultural skills and research on advances and drawbacks of the digital age to materialise a language inclusive world.

Materialising the LC actions with at least 5 partners to build a Panorama on the advances and shortcomings; diving deeper in the analysis and elevating experiences through LC Voice podcasts; and publishing the LC Educa resources openly.


  • Digital Causes, small causes, big changes: a youth group co coordinating JAAKLAC’s projects since the start. Establishing a cohort of schools and civil society organisations designing together and assessing JAAKLAC’s activities to activate fairer futures centered on our younger generations.

Partnering Causas Digitales with academic, civil society and tech communities to co-design solutions with children and youth through 3 schools and youth organisations. Organising 3 online workshops and asynchronous tasks progressing material changes. Continue co designing our educational game Kelluwün.

  • Tech and Biodiversity: Legado 2060: starting at MozFest 2023, this project began co creating a Sci-Fi telenovela (soap opera) about the drama between the characters Politics, Society and Economy. Build a happily ever after between Tech and Biodiversity!

“Tech & Biodiversity: Legado 2060… the story continues” at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) in Bangkok, Thailand. Encoding the sci-fi telenovela into multimedia resources with at least 3 organisations.


  • Migration, post colonialism and academia: ethnographic research showcasing oppressive systems and emancipatory tactics of digital rights activists from the Majority World pursuing studies in European higher education.

Launching the In Memory of Aziz blogs and podcasts on academia, social movements, non-formal learning and digital surveillance. Engaging with 5 European and international digital rights and academics to research and elaborate solutions.

  • Narratives of love about New Masculinities in digital rights advocacy: multimedia composition of stories from women and LGBTQI+ digital rights activists foregrounding men contesting patriarchal domination and rooted in solidarity.

Activities from “Love is a participatory emotion” are still searching for partners! We aim to connect with at least 5 collaborators from different regions from around the world. Stories will be briefly drafted and showcased on a social media campaign.

Contribute to our knowledge!

Photo: Unsplash Ilse Orsel https://unsplash.com/@lgtts

Updated July 1st, 2024