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JAAKLAC researches and advocates for Critical Digital Education to broaden youth participation in the digital age, especially in Latin America and the Global Majority (so-called Global South).

We envision societies in which a quality education promotes critical thinking, human rights and participation, especially recognising the knowledge of groups generally excluded.

In 2024, the JAAKLAC Community was created to activate projects for and from broader and diverse perspectives. The actions of the Community are iterated with the JAAKLAC Intentions with different efforts that we want to keep, change and try.

We started in 2020 and are a non-formal organisation with a mainly Latin American scope. The initiative is based on volunteering and funds for projects limited in time. Projects are coordinated with youth, educators and civil society organisations.

More information about JAAKLAC and its principles



We explore reality with different collective and accessible methodologies and tools to evidence experiences, solutions and visions in digital societies. We collect information collaboratively based on the desires, values and needs of diverse communities.


We design practices in Critical Digital Education (CDE) oriented by human rights and focused on the participation of younger generations. We co-create an education in and for dialogue towards the realisation of fairer digital societies for all.


We materialise projects in CDE with Participatory Action Research together with activists, teachers, students, researchers, technologists, artists, and other actors. We share results and processes in open and multi-media digital campaigns to expand the community.

Share, Learn and Do!

Get to know the different Projects, Alies and Lessons Learnt. Support us to strengthen and expand the intentions and work of the Community with your resources, knowledge, creativity and drive. Join our global actions bridging digital divides for social justice.


Internet governance

Data governance

Understanding the web

Community empowerment

Accessibility and inclusion


If you are interested:

  • in establishing collaborations with JAAKLAC

  • obtaining more information about the initiative

  • learning more about a particular project

Write to: jallalla [at] jaaklac [dot] org.

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Here is JAAKLAC’s Blog in which we share our different outlooks on various topics of interest.