More information about JAAKLAC


JAAKLAC is an acronym composed of words that represent our values in various languages of the Latinx community. We remixed the English word “hack”, establishing it in Castilian as “jak”. “JAAKing" happens when diverse communities come together in solidarity to orchestrate and develop digital technologies for the common good and environment. We give new meaning to the acronym LAC, commonly used for Latin America and the Caribbean, by focusing on solutions centred on free societies.

JAAKLAC’s identity is composed of:

Jallalla (Aymara) “Hurra” or “Long live”;

Aty (Guarani and Kaiowá) “group” or “ensemble”;

Apthapi (Aymara) is a celebration, an offering in which food and knowledge are shared, held in communities from Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile;

Kelluwün (Mapundungun) “to collaborate”;

Livres (Brazilian Portuguese) “Free”;

Alternativa (Castilian) different paths from the dominant or traditional ones;

Community (English), because of the great representation of the Latinx in English speaking countries of the Americas, “Spanglish” being part of their culture.


With this standpoint, from LAC we convene global communities to:

Promote the development of digital policies, programmes, practices and solutions aligned with human rights, responding to local needs and the social justice.

Recognize the different environments where laboratories for innovation exist, urban and rural, that enable opening the ‘black box’ to generate evidence and share knowledge openly.

Develop and pursue entrepreneurship to find cost-effective, sustainable solutions to problems and which result as well in capacity building amongst the community.

Articulate the commitment of different actors to generate synergies between the public and private sectors, civil society, international agencies and global citizens.

Strengthen interdisciplinary collaborative processes, wherein voices of minority groups and vulnerable sectors are amplified.