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No Minor Futures is a global educational campaign to showcase the strengths and shortcomings of digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for children and adolescents. Children are one third of people online globally. Tech companies target younger generations as trend setters and to engage them from an early age. This collaborative educational campaign was designed with teenagers and organisations from around the world with the support of Mozilla’s Creative Media Awards.

Innovations such as AI are increasingly affecting our lives. On social media apps, like Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, AI shows news and suggests purchases. AI is used to develop prosthetics to complement human bodies in case of accidents or disabilities. It also uses information about best body postures to prevent injuries. Governments use AI to decide which people need assistance and how it can be provided. Furthermore, AI can automate learning processes for teachers to make education more effective.

How is AI benefiting and harming children and adolescents?

To rise awareness and take action on these issues, we based our No Minor Futures campaign in a series of online workshops. Through this process, we teamed up with adolescents and organisations from different countries. Between March and August we connected to Learn, Share and Do! different activities around the intersection of AI and childhood, social media, privacy, governments and digital storytelling. These inspired animated character stories, podcasts and other multimedia educational resources to amplify the No Minor Futures experience.


Watch the animated stories created by our Teen Spirit participants from Colombia, Malta, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus and Romania.

Listen to our podcasts to learn about challenges, visions and initiatives from younger generations about AI.

Access our educational resources with video bites summarising our online workshops (Oficinas), their dynamics, readings and tools.

Read our blog for further insight into No Minor Futures.

Watch the stories

Listen to podcast


We want to expand our knowledge and learn from other activities and resources with similar roadmaps. We are especially interested in programmes, projects, groups, policies and tech developments co-created or led by children and youth in your community, country or region.

What are the benefits and harms of Artificial Intelligence for children and adolescents? How can we balance their protection and participation in digital solutions?

Use the hashtag #NoMinorFutures and tag @jaaklac on Instagram or Twitter.


Use the NMF’s campaign resources and recommendations from our media brief to amplify our campaign. Tag @jaaklac and use the hashtag #NoMinorFutures. We’ll have updates from the campaign between August 15th and September 12th.

Take part in the conversation for pathways that are centred in our younger generations from around the world.

Challenge governments, tech companies, researchers and activists to engage with children and adolescents to tailor solutions to their wants and needs.

Help us translate our website, educational resources and videobites. Send us a message to jallalla (at) jaaklac (dot) org.

Do It Together

No Minor Futures was created in collaboration with:

Teen Spirit participants: Adele B., Alessia, Dimitris, george4all and Prachi, amongst other adolescents.

Young influencers: Sandra Ruhizi, Ummi Said, Vikash Singh and Chico Maker.

Fix the Code, Derechos Digitales, Data & Society, Adéṣínà Ayẹni (a.k.a Ọmọ Yoòbá), founder Yobamoodua Cultural Heritage, Hyperaudio and WILD FI.