No Minor Futures – Call for Participation

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We are looking for adolescents from five different regions of the world to join our No Minor Futures campaign and build a better digital future. You can take part individually or in teams with your family, school or local youth organisation.

Do any of the following questions pique your interest or make you curious:

Can you control the information about you online? For example, the data from your social media, dating and gaming apps; information about how you do at school when learning with online platforms; and about your family’s records from the hospital and government services.

How can we activate a better digital future with and for our younger generations? Digital technologies can be used for solutions such as improving the environment; making online platforms safer; and developing creative innovations by communities for our common good.

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We will launch a public education campaign to inspire digital futures for and with the values, wants and needs of children and youth. We are determined to contribute to Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that centre the protection and participation of children. Youth under eighteen years old represent one third of individuals online globally. However, for the last two decades decisions about the internet and digital technologies have often ignored their opinions and needs.

Innovations such as AI are increasingly affecting adults and children’s lives. They show us information when we Google something. In social media apps, like Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, they control the spread of fake news. With social robots they help people with disabilities and neurodiverse have better health. Government administrations use it to decide which people need assistance and how this can be done.

No Minor Futures campaign is developed by the JAAKLAC initiative with the support of Mozilla’s Creative Media Awards. JAAKLAC articulates collaborations between diverse stakeholders to co-create fairer digital futures. Since 2020, its various projects have been focused on (a) Critical Digital Education, (b) Rights-based Research and Advocacy and (c) Children and Youth Participation. Learn more about JAAKLAC’s past projects and collaborations.

We make the road by walking!

To create No Minor Futures campaign we will establish a group of adolescents between 13 and 17 year old from North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Youth will engage in a series of six online workshops and activities between April and July of 2022. Adolescents will learn about AI and create character stories with the support of a team of artists.

The timeline and stages of No Minor Futures are:

  1. Teen Spirit [March-April]: to establish a group of adolescents and make adjustments to the agenda of online activities.

  2. Do It Together [April-July]: to develop the online workshops in collaboration with technologists, activists and researchers. To develop the character stories and record podcasts with adolescents about their experience in the creative process.

  3. Speaking Up [August]: to design a social media campaign to share the stories, podcasts and lessons learned from No Minor Futures. To launch the campaign with young influencers (18 to 24 years old) from five regions of the world.

  • No Minor Futures and the online activities will be conducted mainly in English language. However, the animated videos and podcasts would be published in English and local languages from the participating adolescents. We are interested in alternatives to make the project more inclusive for adolescents regardless of their level of English language.

  • The workshops’ dates and times will be twice a month and based on the participating group’s preferences.

Let’s go ^^

Fill in our Registration and Consent Form to be part of the team of adolescents. The form includes the consent from adolescents and one responsible adult. Responsible adults can be the child’s parent, caregiver, educator or leader from a youth organisation.

Deadline to complete the registration form: LAST CALL! April 10th, midnight Anywhere on Earth. Did you miss the deadline and don’t want to miss out? Send us an email with your request.

Online workshops: the first of the six bimonthly workshops will be scheduled between April 18th and 22nd and the last one between July 4th and 8th.

Recording podcasts with adolescents and coordinating with young influencers: second half of July.

Launch of No Minor Futures’ outputs and campaign: August.

If you have questions, comments or ideas please contact jallalla [at] jaaklac [dot] org.

No Minor Futures