Data Detox Kit

The Detox de Datos Latinx (Latinx Data Detox) campaign aimed to facilitate that youth in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) 馃寧 learn about digital technologies 馃尭 馃摫. With the support of Tactical Tech, we adapted their Data Detox Kit (DDK) so that more people become familiar with issues of digital privacy, security, wellbeing and misinformation. To this end, the campaign explained step-by-step how to control your privacy, secure your personal data through settings, change your phone’s default set-ups to improve your well-being, and much more. The project was coordinated between JAAKLAC and Causas Digitales, calling on youth and youth-related organisations in LAC to join different online activities to co-create the campaign.


During March and April 2021, 6 youth between 18 and 27 years old and 4 adults from 3 organisations in the region collaborated with the digital agency 馃挮 WILD FI Paraguay in weekly Working Meetings. In these instances participants discussed the DDK themes and carried out practical exercises to progress in the design of the campaign鈥檚 materials and strategy. The Detox de Datos Latinx was published 馃摚 between 12 and 16 April on the Causas Digitales and JAAKLAC Instagram initiative and Twitter accounts. For the launch of the campaign 8 new organisations focussed on young people shared the content on their social networks and 21 people between 16 and 31 years old participated in 2 Workshops.

Detox de Datos Latinx

The Latinx Data Detox focused on 4 characters that anonymously represent youth from the different cultures and countries of the group that participated in the campaign. They were created thinking about the strategies that young people can use from their different realities to navigate the challenges of the digital age. This is how Mat铆as, Anto, Berta and Iktan, who met at Causas Digitales, shared their interests, communities and day-to-day recommendations for using the DDK:

  • [Monday 12.04] Campaign launch and introduction of characters.

  • [Tuesday 13.04] Mat铆as 馃嚨馃嚲 is an illustrator for a digital advertising agency and tells why it is important and how to improve your digital privacy.

  • [Wednesday 14.04] Anto 馃嚮馃嚜 is committed to causes to improve the social and political reality of her country and explains simple steps in digital security.

  • Thursday 15.04] Berta 馃嚟馃嚦 is an environmentalist and presents her daily strategies to have a better balance between her internet activism and her digital wellbeing.

  • [Friday 16.04] Iktan 馃嚥馃嚱 wants to be a scientist, worries about the amount of fake news circulating fast on the internet and tells you how to evade the martial arts of digital misinformation

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Campaign team:

馃寛馃摫 The Detox de Datos Latinx continues! 馃寛馃摫

Follow the activities, spread the word to your contacts and share your tips using hashtags #DataDetox y #DetoxDeDatosLatinx

JAAKLAC iniciativa seeks to broaden participation in the development and decision making of internet, digital technologies and data policies, especially amongst youth and groups excluded from these spaces in LAC. To this end, it develops diverse activities in critical digital education based on human rights that activate the creation of a fairer digital future for all. Digital Causes was formed at the end of 2020 from a JAAKLAC project of the same name. This covered issues such as the rights of children and adolescents, especially their right to participation, and its critical aspects in relation to the digital ecosystem.

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